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5 Consecutive Days
Hours: 10 am – 4 pm 

Due to the additional traveling expenses, students traveling outside of Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties will receive a “TRAVEL “discount.

Check the discount code on the page “Courses >>>Promotions & Discounts”


Max: 3 students

Hours: 10 am – 4 pm

Techniques Covered:

  • Correct Brow Shaping & Mapping
  • Machine techniques for shading, Ombre-Powdery Brows Hairstrokes with Machine Nano Needles & Manual with Microblading tools
  • Combination of Hairstrokes with Shading
  • Lipliners
  • Lip Color Pigmentation, Lipstick & Blush 
  • Lip Color Neutralization, Correction of natural grayish lip color

 Training consists of:

  • 3 Hours “Blood Born Pathogen” online course
  • Prevention of Transmission of Communicable diseases at the workplace
  • Understanding skin
  • Consequences of treatment, Rehabilitation, Side Effects, Complications
  • Blood Vessels and Facial Nerves Consultation
  • Medical Profile Overview & Consent Forms
  • Anesthetics
  • Pigments

Home Pre-study assignment:

Upon the completion of registration and 2 weeks prior beginning of the class students receive home pre-study assignment and the link with 3 hours on line course of “ Blood Born Pathogen”


  • Definition of Permanent Makeup
  • Basics of PMU
  • Prevention of Transmission of Communicable diseases at the working place
  • Sanitation
  • Disinfection
  • Sterilization
  • Steps of standard precautions
  • Consequences of treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pre/Post Care
  • Side Effects
  • Complications
  • Skin, Blood Vessels and Facial Nerves
  • Consent Forms
  • Medical Profile overview
  • Consultation
  • Tools of Trade on Today’s market
  • Anesthetics
  • Pigments
  • Color Theory
  • General Directions in Career of Micropigmentation
  • Correct Color Selection
  • Complete Manual


Demonstration of different techniques by instructor

Practice on live models under the instructor’s supervision. We provide live models for every student.


  • Practice consultation with clients
  • Practice correct color selection for brows and lips, understanding color theory
  • Practice Brows Shaping & Mapping
  • Practice of pre-drawing lip contour
  • Practice on skin imitation material using trade tools
  • Practice selecting the correct needle configuration
  • Practice brow hair stroke techniques, creating different designs of hair stroke patterns with microblading & nano strokes
  • Practice of brows ombre-powdery shading techniques
  • Practice of brows combination of techniques
  • Practice of Lip Pigmentation
  • Practice the different techniques on live models under the instructor’s supervision

 Post-Class Practice exercise assignment

After completion of the class hours’ students are assigned to home practice. Yout kit will include all the practice materials that you need to continue the practice.

 Post Graduation Support

Students will be provided with practicum home post-class practice exercise assignments. Apprenticeship classes can be scheduled if students need more hands-on practice under the supervision of an instructor. 

All advanced classes will be highly discounted for returning students 

Post-Graduation Support Upon completion of the program students are welcome to complimentary two years of online support. Students will be able to reach out to their instructor after the class for continuing support and education.


  • One additional workshop is scheduled within 6 months
  • PMU Machine. Students take home the PMU machine which they practice on during the class. Yes! …. PMU machine is included in the price of the program so that students can start practicing immediately after the class. 
  • Home practice material. 
  • In-depth training manual.
  • Business and consent forms.
  • Needles 6 boxes of different configuration needles are included (50 needles in total)
  • Microblading tools 2 boxes of different patterns. 
  • Mapping & shaping tools, the most popular brow mapping and shaping tools, such as brow rulers, brow stencils, brow caliper tools, inked treads, and more. 
  • Personalized photos and videos. Students need to obtain material to build their portfolios and social media accounts. During the class, the instructor will be teaching you about general directions in the career. Students will be receiving information about how to start and progress in this career.

All Materials during training are provided 

During the class you will have amazing opportunity to try out many  famous brands such as:
  • Nouveau Contour
  • Bom Tech
  • Hybrid R-Pen
  • DragonHawk
  • Coil Machine
  • Skin Master Digital
  • Cheyenne
  • Xion S’
  • FilterV
  • Ultra PMU

Your instructor will be educating you about  advantages and disadvantages of different machines.

Continuing Education

Q: The most common question “How long will I need to be able to work on clients without supervision? “

A: It depends on the student’s talent and ability to learn fast.

Regulations may vary from county to county.  Most of the Permanent makeup artists in Florida practice under a tattoo license.

To obtain a tattoo license individual is required to submit a certificate of completion of 3 3-hour online “Blood Born Pathogen” course and a Tattoo Establishment License number where the student will practice.

The requirements may change in the future due to the rapid growth in demand for PMU services in the last few years. Some US States require from 100 to 1000 hours of apprenticeship classes. 

At Vesta PMU we offer a great deal of continuing education and practicing under Vesta PMU Tattoo Establishment License. Vesta PMU will assist our students in the process of receiving a license.

Enrolment in this class includes one workshop and the option to enroll in a longer apprenticeship program.

 Learn more about apprenticeship programs available.


Upon registration, students are required to put 50% deposit to hold a spot in a class. Most of the classes are limited to 3-4 students per class.

Registration Course booking is available on a first-come, first-served basis Registration available at

Cancelation Policy:

Please note: All cancellations must be received (not postmarked) in writing via mail or fax transmission. The Cancellation Policy must be strictly enforced since workshops require a great deal of planning and preparation. 

A refund will be given, less a $200.00 processing fee if canceled at least 21 days before the start of the workshop. 

Any cancellations after this time will not qualify for a refund but may be used toward a future with the approval of the administration.

 For questions, please email or call 1-855-565-2682


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