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Our Team

With many years of experience as a micropigmentation specialist and trainer, Jolie continuously contributes to advancing the level of quality and standards within the industry.

Jolie Punturiero
Lead instructor

Ann-Marie will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your registration for any of Institute programs.

Ann-Marie Lofland
Institute administrator & instructor

It takes lots of work and effort to organize a class schedule with hands-on practice.
Sylvia is doing an amazing job booking and coordinating live models for our students.

Sylvia Pasztor
Model coordinator

Anais Cedeno is assisting our students with anything students might need during our classes. She is also bilingual. If any Spanish speaking student needs help with translation   Anais will be there to help you.

Anais Cedeno
Class assistant

Julia’s friendly and outspoken personality is a big help to our students.
Julia will be helping you over the phone with any questions you may have.

Julia Jones
Phone operator

About Instructor

Jolie Punturiero is one of the most reputed and respected experts in the permanent makeup industry. She is a highly qualified instructor with over 16 years of experience as a micropigmentation specialist.

Jolie brought her skills from Europe and continued to develop in the US.

A perfectionist by nature, with a background education in fine arts and an interest in fashion, Jolie began studying cosmetic tattooing while she was living in Europe in 2001. She has foreseen that permanent makeup in the US would become as popular as in Europe, where she began her carrier. Jolie has a broad understanding of trends and new innovations in Europe and US.

Working side by side with plastic surgeons in the medical environment allowed her to achieve a higher level of education and skills.

Her natural talent and her drive to never stop searching for better products, tools, and techniques in permanent makeup artistry are what has made her successful.

She is licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in the State of Florida and has been a proud member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation since 2005.

Certified Instructor

As her reputation grew in Florida her colleagues began to rely on her to share her knowledge and started asking her to train them. The joy of seeing students trained in a well-rounded and professional fashion inspired Jolie to train students formally.  It is at this moment that she chose to pursue her carrier in mentoring others.

Her course has been approved by the board of AAM and she has received her accreditation as a certified instructor in 2014.

Jolie strives to share her knowledge and skills with people of similar passion and aspiration. Students fly to Fort Lauderdale from all over the United States to learn from her some of the most advanced techniques of micropigmentation. Jolie has trained some of the best artists in the Permanent Cosmetic Industry.

Nothing can beat experience

Jolie has years of experience, not only in training others but also years of providing permanent makeup procedures to her clients.

It is very important for students to learn from someone who is experienced in working with the public and not someone that has been hired recently as a trainer or as a distributor.

Her well-structured classes garnered her immense reputation as an instructor within a short period of time. Today Jolie Punturiero’s classes are in high demand. Her many years of experience and excellent knowledge of techniques has motivated, not only beginning students but also experienced permanent makeup artists to train with her.

An expert in most advanced cosmetic tattooing procedures

Jolie boasts an acute artistic sense and great command over modern tools and technology used in the industry, conducting courses related to modern techniques including microblading and different techniques with rotary, digital and coil machines. She is an expert in all contemporary techniques and is one of the pioneers in developing some of the newest techniques such as Machine Hairstrokes, Ombre, Powdery, and Combos.

Jolie has a broad understanding of the industry developments as well as the changing demands and standards. She often jokes that she could open a museum filled with a historical archive of permanent makeup tools and procedures. She encourages her students to learn more techniques, both basic and modern.  it’s important to know what procedures are available, and which techniques are best for each individual client. That allows students to make valuable recommendations and to create the most natural results.

Jolie is committed to offering her students advanced training in most modern and fundamental techniques such as Microblading, Ombre Powder, Powdery Fill, Digital Hair strokes, Eyeliners, Lips and paramedical procedures.

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