Deposit & Registration

  • Course booking available on a first come, first serve basis
  • It is recommended to register 8-10 weeks prior to the class
  • Deposit of 50% is required to register and reserve a place in a class
  • The balance is due 14 business days prior to the start of the class

Cancellation Policy

Please note: All cancellations must be received (not postmarked) in writing via mail. Cancellation Policy is strictly enforced since workshops require a great deal of planning and preparation.

  • A refund will be given, less a $600.00 processing fee, if canceled at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the workshop. Any cancellations after this time will not qualify for a refund but may be used toward a future workshop with the approval of the administrative department.
  • Please note, ESI / Vesta PMU Academy is not responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or fees associated with necessary airline changes. Thank You in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

What accreditation will I get when I complete a course from Vesta Academy?

After the completion of Vesta Academy Beginners Fundamental courses, students receive a “Certificate of Completion” for hours of study for a total of 120 hours.  After completing any other course, students receive a “Certificate of Completion” for hours of study detailing the specific course that was fulfilled. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be fully prepared to obtain insurance and successfully pass Blood Born Pathogens Communicable Diseases test, required by Department of Health.

Am I required to be a licensed cosmetologist or nurse to attend your beginner course?

Actual license policy varies from state to state. We have students attending those classes from all over the US. Regulations are continually being updated; therefore, it is the trainee’s responsibility to understand their own State and local Health Department guidelines and regulations for permanent makeup cosmetics. We recommend directing such questions to your local Health Department and home state board. In most of the states, permanent makeup licensing falls in the same category as tattoo licensing as regulated by the health department.

Students do not need any prior license in nursing or cosmetology in order to attend Vesta Academy courses. Once completed, Vesta Academy course students will be assisted in receiving permanent makeup license to work in the state of Florida and most of the US states.

How many hours of study are required for the Fundamental Beginners’ course?

The Fundamental Beginners’ courses are 120 hours in length and include in-class hours as well as home study hours. Once full payment is completed, students will receive home pre-study material that must be studied prior to attending the workshop.

Class hours include a review of home theory study, question-and-answer time, a variety of different practice exercises, one-on-one hands-on practice supervised by the instructor.

What is the course schedule?

Expect to be in class for about 8-9 hours per day. Class starts at 9.30 am and will be concluded at around 6pm. This period involves short breaks when needed and an hour lunch break.

What if I am not comfortable with the procedure I have previously learned in a similar course ? How can Vesta Academy help me?

We have classes for everyone! We offer training to students with varying levels of skills, from beginners in the industry to experienced cosmetics practitioners. Even after having previously attended other permanent cosmetics schools, many students decide to enroll in our Fundamental course of Vesta Academy in order to acquire more in depth knowledge of the basics. Advanced group classes are offered for students to learn new techniques and to improve their skills. Students may also request One-on-One  classes with the instructor that are customized specifically for the needs of the individual.

Are there any job placement opportunities offered by Vesta Academy after course completion?

There are many salons, physicians and spas that contact us to inquire about our graduated students for placement in their facilities. We also receive frequent inquiries from the general public asking for referrals from Vesta Academy for graduates in their area. We at Vesta Academy are proud and confident in recommending our graduates to those that call for referrals.

Also upon completion of the course, you might be offered an opportunity to build your carrier within the Vesta Academy.

Is there any hands-on training with live models? Are students responsible for providing their own models?

Vesta Academy will work to provide models for you to work on. We do have a list of models inquiring to participate in our “model program “. We also welcome our students to bring their own models. Vesta Academy cannot be held responsible for any models that do not show up for their appointments.

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