Advanced Brows Microblading

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Advanced Brows Microblading

One Day Training
Tuition: $1100
10 am-5 pm
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About This Course:

This intense one-day training workshop is for students who have had their training, already practicing, and looking to advance their skills.

Live models are provided for all students.

Techniques Covered:

  • Correct Brow Shaping & Mapping
  • Different Patterns for Microblading Technique

Machine Kit is included:

  • Complete manual.
  • Brow mapping kit (10 different tools for brows shaping & mapping).
  • PMU Machine
  • 2 boxes of Microblading Tools
  • 4 boxes of different configuration needles.
  • Pigments
  • Home practice material.



Your instructor will educate you about the advantages & disadvantages of different machines. During the class, you will have an amazing opportunity to try out many popular brands such as:

  • Hybrid Star
  • Dragon Hawk
  • Cheyenne
  • Xion S’
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Training Consists Of:

  • Theory
  • Demonstration
  • Practicum
  • Home Post class practice exercise assignments
  • On line Post Graduation Support


  • Practice consultation with clients
  • Practice correct color selection for brows and lips, understanding color theory
  • Practice Brows Shaping & Mapping
  • Practice on skin imitation material using trade tools
  • Practice selecting the correct needle configuration
  • Practice brow hair stroke techniques, creating different designs of hair stroke patterns with microblading
  • Practice different techniques on live models under the instructor’s supervision.


  • Prevention of Transmission of Communicable diseases at the working place
  • Sanitation and sterilization, hygiene
  • Consequences of treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Side Effects and Complications
  • Skin, Blood Vessels and Facial Nerves
  • Consultation, Medical Profile overview, Consent Forms
  • General Directions in Career of Micropigmentation
  • After care ( form sand instructions)
  • Tools of Trade on Today’s market
  • Color Theory
  • Color Corrections

Practice different techniques on skin pads under the instructor’s supervision. Live Demonstration of procedure by the instructor in a class.

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Post – Graduation Support

Students will be provided with practicum home post-class practice exercise assignments.  Additional classes can be scheduled if students need more hands-on practice under the supervision of an instructor. 

Students can reach out to their instructor after the class for continuing support and education.

Home Practice assignment:

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a home post-study practice assignment before scheduling the “One-on-One” Apprenticeship class.


Prepare yourself to start a successful career in permanent makeup and corrective cosmetics

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