For example, wordpress site slow you may need to upload a favicon (the small icon next to your web address in a browser). 11. Check how your favicon looks in your browser and mobile device. So, if you are keen to get blogging, then WordPress is the right platform for you to start.

  • That’s no longer supported by the developer
  • It’s ease-of-use
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • In the left pane of phpMyAdmin, click the name of the database that you created in step 4
  • Above the Woocommerce Tabs

If you really want to come in the limelight that means if you really want to create your identity in a high market competition then nothing is better than the WordPress. Whether you have to search and replace text from just one article, or you need to do that for all of your posts, comments, etc. you should know that TinyMCE Advanced and Better Search Replace plugins got you covered.

As we all know an SEO optimized internet site makes your business internet site easier to search for over the internet, and if your business is simpler to locate on the web, your business will get more visitors to your internet site, and more traffic to your site means more cash.

A static page on the other hand, will always remain constant and unchanged. Also, enable HSTS which is on the same page. On the Jetpack Debugging Center page look for the “Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site.” link near the bottom and click on it. They have a compressive list of some of the best and most used premium themes and plugins that you can purchase for huge discounts, or sign up for a subscription for as low as $8 per month and download as many themes or plugins as you need.

And yes, it’s completely legal and I’ve already written about it in my post The Secret to Getting Premium Themes and Plugins at Huge Discounts. I’ll have another tutorial to cover this shortly, just in case you’re having trouble getting it set-up and working. If you are hosting multiple sites, you should assume they have also been compromised because cross-infection is common.

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