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All About Machine Techniques

4 Consecutive Days  Brows/Eyeliners/Lips 
Tuition: $4100

ONLY for students that already have their Microblading or some previous experience in permanent makeup

quality machine with 7 boxes of needles included / live models provided for each student for brows, eyeliners and lips

Hours: 10 am –5.30 pm 
Max: 4 students

Due to additional travel expenses students that travelling outside Miami Dade, Broward, Palm beach counties receive “Travel” discount.

You can find discount code on a page “Courses >>> Promotions & Discounts “

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About This Course:

This course is excellent for students that already have their Microblading Certification and looking to learn more techniques. The course includes training in the basics of PMU and most popular techniques for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.

  • Live Models provided by the institute.
  • Students take home PMU machine which they practice on during the class.
  • Yes! …. PMU machine is included in a price of the program, so that students don’t have to invest more and can start practicing immediately after the class.
  • Absolutely the best machine on a market! It is manufactured in Germany. It will be provided with documentation and serial number that insures 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Be aware that there are many poor-quality machines made in Asia being offered in other trainings.

Techniques Covered:

  • Powdery
  • Ombre Brows with machine
  • Nano Hairstrokes
  • Brows Combo Techniques
  • Color corrections of previously pigmented brows
  • Eyeliners Micropigmentation
  • Lip Micropigmentation
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Machine Kit included:

We include one of the best and the most established machine on today’s market: Axys Valhalla & 30 needles.  This great machine is manufactured in USA. It is provided with documentation and serial number that ensures one year of manufacturer’s warranty. Be aware that there are many copies made in Asia are misrepresented as original

Your instructor will be educating you about advantages and disadvantages of different machines. During the class you will have amazing opportunity to try out many popular brands such as:

  • Nouveau Contour
  • Skin Master
  • Bom Tech
  • Cheyenne
  • Hybrid Ylong
  • Xion S’
  • Dragon Hawk
  • Coil Machine

Training Consists Of:

  • Theory
  • Demonstration
  • Practicum
  • Home Post class practice exercise assignments
  • On line Post Graduation Support


  • Practice of Microblading Technique, creating different designs of hair strokes pattern
  • Practice of Ombre Shading Technique
  • Practice on skin imitation material using trade tools
  • Practice of consultation with clients
  • Practice of colors selection
  • Eyeliners
  • Lip liner, Lip Color Ombre, Full Lip Color

Theory & Practicum:

  • Prevention of Transmission of Communicable diseases at the working place
  • Consequences of treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Side Effects and Complications
  • Skin, Blood Vessels and Facial Nerves
  • Consultation, Medical Profile overview, Consent Forms
  • General Directions in Carrier of Micropigmentation
  • Tools of Trade on Today’s market
  • Pigments
  • Anesthetics
  • Color Theory and Correct Color Selection
  • Brow Shaping
  • Eyeliners
  • Lip color

Practice of different techniques on live models under instructor’s supervision. Models provided by Institute. We prioritize and focus on providing our students with Hand’s on practice training. At Vesta Academy we have large data base of live models and we provide our students with as many live models as possible to fit in to the schedule of the class, so that our students can experience working on different types of skin.

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FUNDAMENTAL Everything About Brows-24073

On line Post Graduation Support

Upon successful completion of the program students welcome to complimentary two years online support. We advise to pursue continuing education with Vesta Academy by attending focus classes and apprentice ship classes.

Home Pre-study assignment:

Upon completion of registration 2 weeks prior beginning of the class students receive home pre-study assignment.


Prepare yourself to start a successful career in permanent makeup and corrective cosmetics

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